Workshops & Courses

I’m excited to be able to offer an assortment of workshops and courses where every learner gets in-depth insight of the art of crochet doll making and marketing the My Pretty Brown Doll Way. The courses are beginner friendly. As long as you understand the basics of crochet you will be able to grasp these concepts and if you are a more skilled crocheter you will learn tips and tricks to build upon what you already know. The workshop and courses are presented in a digital format and have a Facebook component so you will need to have access to a Facebook profile. They are interactive and you have unlimited access be able to ask questions, and get feedback from other’s taking the course as well.

Click on the course or workshop title below to get more information and signup.

MPBD Afro Doll Hair Workshop

MPBD Crochet Doll Course (based on crochet ballerina pattern)

MPBD Cutest Keychain Ever Workshop

Afro Puff(s) Keychain/Pursecharm Marketing 101

MPBD Curvy Doll Course (loosely based on the curvy doll pattern)