My Women’s Tennis Inspired Crochet Doll

I have known for a while that I wanted to make a tennis-inspired doll. At first I was sure that it was going to be a Serena Williams doll I mean when you think women’s tennis she is probably the first name that comes to mind; however as I was watching this year’s US Open a rising star stole my heart and I immediately knew she would be my inspiration for my first tennis doll. I will certainly do a Serena inspired one but Sloan Stephens gave me all the black girl magic vibes for this one.

If you are saying to your self who is Sloan Stephens… I know, I know she is not a household name yet but anytime you can enter the US Open as the lowest ranked player she was ranked No. 83 when the US Open started and then beat Venus Williams in the semi-finals and then go on to win your first Grand Slam title in approximately 61 minutes yeah I think a doll to commensurate that moment is in order.

Picture via Sports Illustrated

Doll Details

I used my favorite yarn Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in my Chocolate Brown colorway for the skin tone and Caron Simply Soft in Black for her hair. I did a braid ponytail hairstyle which Sloan Stephens wore during the entire US Open. The doll has 15mm eyes and faux doll lashes.

I did a modified version of a doll pattern from Tammy B Creations. I used an 18″ doll tennis dress (modified slightly)and visor outfit it also came with bag and tennis racquet and a tennis ball. I purchased the white 18″ inch doll shoes separately. I absolutely love the way she turned out if I were to change anything I would probably do a different hand arm shape so that she could realistically hold the racquet.

She is doll number 2 in the My Pretty Brown Doll Holiday Doll Countdown as I am trying to see how many dolls I will complete from October 1, 2017, to December 25, 2017. I will share doll number 1 in a different post. This beauty is available and will be a great addition to any doll collectors collection. She is one of a kind and will not be duplicated she would be a beautiful gift for any tennis lover and or anyone who just loves beautiful dolls. Click the “Buy Now” button below to add her to your collection.

**Please note doll cannot stand on her own. You will need a doll stand for display. Doll is not a toy it is meant as art doll/collectors doll**

See additional photos on Here.

The Making of A Unicorn Inspired Doll

I made a doll.

Inspired by a Unicorn.

She is the prettiest unicorn doll I have ever seen!

Unicorn inspired doll

This beauty was a custom doll request that I was super excited to receive,  although getting her finished would prove to be a little more difficult than I would have thought. Just a few of the road blocks included starting her in the wrong skin tone, not finding the right yarn for her hair and trying to make the perfect unicorn horn! But in the end she turned out better than I could have ever imagined and the customer who happens to be a repeat customer was very pleased so that is all that really matters.

The request was for a curvy girl with soft pastel colors with a focus on pink. I had so many ideas go through my head and even had one of my best doll maker friends hand paint eyes because regular black eyes was not going to do her justice. So with yarn and hook in hand I got started but I honestly was not feeling inspired so I put her to the side and started working on other orders.

Full Figured Crochet Doll

I had chosen several different yarns as possibilities for hair and after sending a few suggestions over to the person who would be the new owner of this beauty we finally agreed on a beautiful soft plush yarn from Premiere Yarns called Gelato in the color way Strawberry, I thought that would be the inspiration I needed to get her done and so started working on her again, I finished her head and most of her body but I still was not feeling the magical unicorn vibe that I was expecting and time was winding down for me to get this beauty finished and sent to her forever home.

The customer was also getting anxious and had sent me a few messages about the progress of the doll it wasn’t until her last message explaining the importance of the doll that I felt the inspiration I needed to get her finished. Instead of setting her to the side, I picked up my hook and yarn and this time I said a prayer. I asked God to guide my hands and create exactly what the new owner would need; what was created in a matter of hours is more than a unicorn this beauty represents life and I am so honored that He chose me to create this awesome gift not just for someone I consider a customer but for someone who is truly my friend.

We both cried tears over this beauty and I will never be able to express in words what really went into creating her but I am happy to report that the doll arrived on a very important date for my friend and was exactly what she needed on that day!

Crochet unicorn

So here is how she was made:

Skin Tone: Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton – Antique Gold (Golden Brown)

Doll Style: Curvy Girl (no written pattern yet, I promise it is coming)

Eyes: 15mm safety eyes custom design by Aniqua of My Kinda Thing

Hairstyle: Loose Locs (Premiere Yarns Gelato – Strawberry)

Outfit Details: Crocheted top Caron Simply Soft Party – White, Tulle Skirt, Faux pearl gems around waist as well as around feet to create barefoot sandals

Unicorn Horn: Horn created using felt, embroidery thread and pink glitter. Attached to lace headband with faux flowers on each side of the horn.

Doll without horn stands about 15″ tall. Unicorn horn is removable as well as her skirt and top. If you have any questions about this beauty feel free to ask, if you are interested in your own custom doll you can get more information here.

DIY Unicorn Horn