Pattern Review Friday ~ Bedtime Bella Lovey Blanket

So if you follow me on any of my social media like Instagram or Facebook then you have already seen what I am calling the most precious thing I have ever crocheted. But since it’s Friday I figured why not come do a full review of this pattern. I am taking a limited number of orders for the finished lovey blanket if interested you can order here.

Cost: $5.00 Pattern is by Whitney of Café Mocha Creations and you can find the pattern on Etsy.

Difficulty: I would consider this an advance beginner to intermediate. The stitches are not difficult you basically just need to know how to single crochet and double crochet, however you do have to understand a pattern repeat. Also because the head is done in the continuous round make sure you have your stitch markers available.

Why you will hook it: Ummm it’s the most precious thing ever! Seriously the color combinations for the lovey part are pretty much endless and you can change up the hairstyle on the doll head to give the lovey a whole new look.

Why you will frog it: If you are not good with the pattern repeat you may find it a little tricky to work up I had to frog back a couple of rows because I was crocheting in the wrong stitch, but once I got a hang of it, it worked up really fast and before I knew it, she was done.

How many hooks: 5 out of 5. It works up great, pattern is well written and the end result AMAZING!

I used Caron Cakes in Rainbow Sprinkles for the blanket part and Big Twist Premium in the color Gingerbread for the head and arms.

You can see my video review below.

Show Your Natural Hair Pride ~ Afro Puffs Doll Face Keychain

I love when a thought in your head turns into this wonderful thing that I now like to call the “cutest thing ever” The Afro Puffs keychain all started with this thought in my head that I could have all my favorite things with me all the time. I already have a set of crochet hooks on my key ring so why not some afro puffs.

My favorite things crochet hooks and afro puffs
My favorite things crochet hooks and afro puffs

I initially was not going to make these for sale however after several request I have decided to make them available in a very limited quantity for a limited time. You can now show your natural hair pride with this super cute keychain. The keychain comes in golden brown or chocolate brown.

Golden Brown Afro Puff Keychain
Golden Brown Afro Puff Keychain

Here is to rocking rough and stuff with your afro puffs! I’m currently no longer taking orders for the keychains but if you crochet or know someone who does you can find the pattern here.