May Scope A Day Challenge

So who’s ready for a challenge!

You are probably like what are you talking about Yolonda? If you are asking this question then you must not follow me on Periscope? And you should follow me on Periscope you can follow me at

What is Periscope you ask, Periscope is a live streaming app that allows you to stream live video from your tablet or smartphone. Why should you be using Periscope? Well it’s fun but if you are an entrepreneur or have a business you would like to promote it is a great way to build the know like and trust factor pretty much instantly. Even if you are not using it for business it is still a great tool to use to share things with friends and family as well as hone in on your speaking skills.

The number one reason I hear why people don’t “go live” is because they don’t know what to talk about which is where this challenge comes in, I have created fun and easy daily prompts that you can use to scope everyday in May that’s right for the next 31 days you can go live!

So if you are interested in joining the challenge and receiving the prompts all you have to do is enter your information below and I will get it sent right over to you!

May Scope A Day Challenge

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Pattern Review Friday ~ Bedtime Bella Lovey Blanket

So if you follow me on any of my social media like Instagram or Facebook then you have already seen what I am calling the most precious thing I have ever crocheted. But since it’s Friday I figured why not come do a full review of this pattern. I am taking a limited number of orders for the finished lovey blanket if interested you can order here.

Cost: $5.00 Pattern is by Whitney of Café Mocha Creations and you can find the pattern on Etsy.

Difficulty: I would consider this an advance beginner to intermediate. The stitches are not difficult you basically just need to know how to single crochet and double crochet, however you do have to understand a pattern repeat. Also because the head is done in the continuous round make sure you have your stitch markers available.

Why you will hook it: Ummm it’s the most precious thing ever! Seriously the color combinations for the lovey part are pretty much endless and you can change up the hairstyle on the doll head to give the lovey a whole new look.

Why you will frog it: If you are not good with the pattern repeat you may find it a little tricky to work up I had to frog back a couple of rows because I was crocheting in the wrong stitch, but once I got a hang of it, it worked up really fast and before I knew it, she was done.

How many hooks: 5 out of 5. It works up great, pattern is well written and the end result AMAZING!

I used Caron Cakes in Rainbow Sprinkles for the blanket part and Big Twist Premium in the color Gingerbread for the head and arms.

You can see my video review below.

Brown Doll Giveaway Update

March Giveaway Doll at her forever home!
March Giveaway Doll at her forever home!

Did you know I give away a doll every single month. YES every month you have a chance to win your very own brown doll hand crocheted by yours truly. All you have to do is visit and enter your name and email. I normally pick a winner the last day of each month. I did not pick a winner in April which means I will be picking two winners in May woot! woot! So make sure you visit the link and get entered for the drawing.