My Women’s Tennis Inspired Crochet Doll

I have known for a while that I wanted to make a tennis-inspired doll. At first I was sure that it was going to be a Serena Williams doll I mean when you think women’s tennis she is probably the first name that comes to mind; however as I was watching this year’s US Open a rising star stole my heart and I immediately knew she would be my inspiration for my first tennis doll. I will certainly do a Serena inspired one but Sloan Stephens gave me all the black girl magic vibes for this one.

If you are saying to your self who is Sloan Stephens… I know, I know she is not a household name yet but anytime you can enter the US Open as the lowest ranked player she was ranked No. 83 when the US Open started and then beat Venus Williams in the semi-finals and then go on to win your first Grand Slam title in approximately 61 minutes yeah I think a doll to commensurate that moment is in order.

Picture via Sports Illustrated

Doll Details

I used my favorite yarn Hobby Lobby I Love This Cotton in my Chocolate Brown colorway for the skin tone and Caron Simply Soft in Black for her hair. I did a braid ponytail hairstyle which Sloan Stephens wore during the entire US Open. The doll has 15mm eyes and faux doll lashes.

I did a modified version of a doll pattern from Tammy B Creations. I used an 18″ doll tennis dress (modified slightly)and visor outfit it also came with bag and tennis racquet and a tennis ball. I purchased the white 18″ inch doll shoes separately. I absolutely love the way she turned out if I were to change anything I would probably do a different hand arm shape so that she could realistically hold the racquet.

She is doll number 2 in the My Pretty Brown Doll Holiday Doll Countdown as I am trying to see how many dolls I will complete from October 1, 2017, to December 25, 2017. I will share doll number 1 in a different post. This beauty is available and will be a great addition to any doll collectors collection. She is one of a kind and will not be duplicated she would be a beautiful gift for any tennis lover and or anyone who just loves beautiful dolls. Click the “Buy Now” button below to add her to your collection.

**Please note doll cannot stand on her own. You will need a doll stand for display. Doll is not a toy it is meant as art doll/collectors doll**

See additional photos on Here.

Stay Calm & Put Your Crown Own

As I am settling into this whole entrepreneurial thing and working my crochet business full-time this quote “Stay Calm and Put Your Crown Own” is repeated daily sometimes multiple times per day. And because I am a doll maker I, of course, had to channel that energy into a doll.

Faux fur pom pom purse charm

Actually it started with the purse charm I found the cutest crown keyring and knew it would be perfect on an afro puff keychain but decided to take it up a notch and make it as one of the luxe editions with faux fur puffs and black rhinestone eyes after swooning over her for a couple of days inspiration struck again and keeping with the faux fur/crown inspiration I decided to add faux fur pom poms to her sandals and of course the crown.

Curvy crochet doll

The doll stands approximately 16″ tall from bottom of feet to the top of her head, her skirt and crown are removable, her shoes and top are not removable to ensure no wardrobe malfunctions. She has embroidered lashes and nonremovable gold stud earrings. This is an art doll and is meant to be displayed as such I do not recommend this doll for play she is meant as a constant reminder to stay in #Queenmode! She is a one of a kind work of art hand crocheted by me using my curvy girl doll structure and golden brown skin tone.

This set and will not be duplicated. You will receive the doll as well as the purse charm. Don’t miss this chance to own your very own My Pretty Brown Doll and Luxe Edition Purse Charm. It is rare that I have ready to ship dolls, if you are ready to add her to your collection just click the buy now button below. The set is $205.95 includes shipping within the US. I do ship worldwide if you need her shipped outside of the US please contact me so I can get the accurate shipping cost.

Crochet doll crown

The Making of Anika ~ Crochet Brown Doll

Meet Miss Anika.

Meet Miss Anika

Shout out to my Periscope tribe who helped name her. I think her name is perfect for her as it means “Grace and Favor”

Miss Anika is my second version of a “mini” doll. Anika stands approximately 13″ tall from top of head to bottom of her feet but with her head wrap she is about 15″ tall and only 6″ around her waist area.

Anika was created with a Nubian Queen in mind, and for my love of all things gold. I’m still working on my vision of a doll dipped in gold but for now this beauty will definitely slay.

Though she is little, she is fierce

Anika is wearing a beautiful gold metallic skirt and top as well as gold metallic shoes which are all removable. Her shades of black, brown and gold headwrap is perfectly secured around her one puff hairstyle and is not removable. Her gold hoop earrings and gold braid bracelet complete her look.

Anika is a one of a kind beauty that you can’t find anywhere else. She is hand crocheted with 100% cotton yarn in a chocolate brown skin tone, she has 12mm safety eyes and the most gorgeous faux lashes.

Although she is not meant for play she would be the perfect addition to any little girls room or for the doll collector who wants to show off this beauty!

What royalty looks like.

Anika is currently looking for a forever home if interested click HERE

Show Your Natural Hair Pride ~ Afro Puffs Doll Face Keychain

I love when a thought in your head turns into this wonderful thing that I now like to call the “cutest thing ever” The Afro Puffs keychain all started with this thought in my head that I could have all my favorite things with me all the time. I already have a set of crochet hooks on my key ring so why not some afro puffs.

My favorite things crochet hooks and afro puffs
My favorite things crochet hooks and afro puffs

I initially was not going to make these for sale however after several request I have decided to make them available in a very limited quantity for a limited time. You can now show your natural hair pride with this super cute keychain. The keychain comes in golden brown or chocolate brown.

Golden Brown Afro Puff Keychain
Golden Brown Afro Puff Keychain

Here is to rocking rough and stuff with your afro puffs! I’m currently no longer taking orders for the keychains but if you crochet or know someone who does you can find the pattern here.

Head Wrap Cuties ~ Brown Doll Collection

1st Doll in the Head Wrap Cutie Collection
1st Doll in the Head Wrap Cutie Collection

Introducing the first doll in the Head Wrap Cutie Collection. I was inspired by Shawn of Constant Covering you can find out more about her here, but the moment I saw her beautiful head wraps I just knew I had to create a doll with a head wrap. I found this scarf at the top of my closet and I just knew it would be the perfect head wrap for the doll and after a little trial and error I finally got it wrapped just right.

Getting the head wrap just right
Getting the head wrap just right

The yellow in the scarf/head wrap was jumping out at me so I decided to add a bright yellow cardigan. My intent was just to make this one, however after a trip to my local JoAnn’s I knew there would be a collection of these dolls in my future. Stay tuned as I already have one in a new shade of brown in the works and then of course I will do one in chocolate brown and light caramel as well. What do you think are you a fan of the head wrap? Btw the doll does have a full head of hair underneath so even when the head wrap is removed the doll still has her natural hair inspired hairstyle.