Welcome to My Pretty Brown Doll. My name is Yolonda and I crochet. I specifically crochet brown dolls with natural hair inspired hair styles. Here you will get a behind the scenes look at my doll making process and what inspires me to create a doll.

Brown Doll with Glasses

I first learned how to crochet when I was 7 years old from my great Aunt. I created my first doll in February of 2014, and I chose to make the doll brown simply because I wanted a doll that looked more like me. The feedback I received was overwhelming and inspiring and I knew that I had to use my gift to help fill the gap.  I am a true believer that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes and COLOR; but as an African American woman it is important that our little girls know and see the beauty in every shade of brown. If you are interested in a custom doll you can submit your request via the custom doll link.

Golden Brown Ballerina Doll